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  • 11.08.14

    Spend 4th of July with Gary, Foo Fighters and this amazing lineup at RFK Stadium. Tickets on sale now and available here:

  • 11.07.14

    The Austin episode of Sonic Highways featuring Gary & Foo Fighters airs tonight at 11pm/10c on HBO. Tune in & watch a trailer here:


  • 10.29.14

    "Every budding guitar hero needs a live record to burnish the mystique, and Gary Clark Jr. delivers hard on this double-disc set." - Relix Magazine

    Experience Gary's new live album here:

  • 10.28.14

    Gary has announced a surprise FREE show in Austin at the Historic Scoot Inn! (18+) Get details on how to attend below: 

    When: Wednesday, October 29, 2014Venue: Scoot InnDoors: 6PMTickets: Free – please read instructions below carefully on how to get wristbands!18+

    Here are the ONLY 2 ways to get a FREE WRISTBAND for this show:

    1. Go to the Stubb’s Box Office when it opens on Wednesday, October 29th at 12pm for the opportunity to score a wristband that guarantees entry to that night’s Gary Clark Jr show at Scoot Inn (10/29). Wristbands will be given to those in line at the Box Office while supplies last. Wristbands will be placed on each person’s wrist at that time – 1 per person.

    2. RSVP on Do512 by clicking on the RSVP link above. Then, show up early to the Scoot Inn on show day (Wed. Oct 29, doors at 6pm). The remaining wristbands will be distributed on a first come/first serve basis until the venue is at capacity.  


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