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  • 11.08.11

    Check out the new writeup on Gary on Myspace Music as part of their "Don't Sleep" series!

  • 11.01.11

    Gary recently sat down at SPIN's Sessions and performed "Bright Lights," "Please Come Home," and "When My Train Pulls In." Watch the performances here and check out the accompanying article!

  • 10.18.11

    Thanks to Blare Magazine for including Gary Clark Jr. in their 35 must-hear bands at CMJ 2011.

    Dubbed “South By Southwest, but in New York”, the CMJ MUSIC MARATHON has provided a stage for emerging musicians since the birth of the disposable camera. Though often overlooked, the music & film festival has highlighted a fistful of notables such as Nirvana, Feist, Green Day, The Killers, Run-DMC and The Mars Volta, giving industry reps and avid listeners a new artist to fall in love with. With hundreds of new bands and songwriters set to grace stages (and even hotel rooms) across New York City, we’ve picked some of the best – aside from the most obvious – to keep an eye on. Trust us, every one of these CMJ 2011 acts are worth a listen.

    See the entire list at Blare Magazine.

  • 10.18.11

    Making it in the music business takes more than raw talent. It requires an unbreakable spirit, sheer force of will, an inability to take "no" for an answer, a scrappy sense of self-promotion, and a propensity for impeccable timing. Oh yeah, and a bucketload of talent. Even when all these stars align, the odds of landing a record deal and playing for hordes of adoring fans are still pretty slim. But a few people find their way into the spotlight, and with an unwavering work ethic and musical genius, manage to stay there long enough to help shape the soundtrack of our daily lives.

    Splashlife went on a worldwide search for the people who are doing, or about to do, just that. We found 30 solo musicians all age 30 or younger from the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, England, and Chile who are already changing the music industry as we know it. Some croon country, others are reinventing jazz, and others are taking pop to a whole new level. So plug some speakers in, turn the volume up, and lose yourself in the sounds of our 30 Under 30: Musicians to Know.

    Read why Splashlife chooses Gary Clark Jr.


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