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  • 09.27.11

    Following an amazing run through the US and Canada, we are happy to announce Gary Clark Jr. will be performing in Brazil, England, and Holland in October. Please check the website and Facebook for additional shows.

    9 Oct 2011 Rio de Janeiro – HSBC Arena 10 Oct 2011 Rio de Janeiro – HSBC Arena 12 Oct 2011 Sao Paolo, Brazil 18 Oct 2011 New York City - Highline Ballroom 26 Oct 2011 London – Bush Hall 28 Oct 2011 Amsterdam – Paradiso

  • 09.22.11

    If you missed Gary Clark Jr. at the 10th annual Austin City Limits Festival, our friends at KUT have shared photos from Gary’s set.

    Photo by Sean C. Murphy - for more photos from ACL please visit

  • 09.20.11

    Thanks to for profiling Gary Clark Jr.

    No gimmicks here, just an intense raw voice singing good ole rock and roll and blues. Gary Clark Jr. is making the world take notice with his countless Live performances (including one at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival last year), and his EP 'The Bright Lights' released over the summer (stream it below). Let us know what you think! - L C-D

    See the entire profile at

  • 09.09.11

    Esquire Magazine writes about Gary Clark Jr’s Fashion Night Out performance:

    Okay, so we may not have exactly endorsed the teenagers-lining-up-for-free-drinks-in-the-corner that has become Fashion's Night Out, but that's not to say we don't like going out. And when it comes to Fashion Week parties, nobody does it quite like John Varvatos. There was the time Axl Rose sounded like Axl Rose again and played till what seemed like sunrise. There were the dueling ZZ Top-Alice Cooper sets last year. And on Thursday evening, there were The Roots. But before that there was Gary Clark Jr., the Austin-based 27-year-old gentlemen you see above, about whom our Austin-based music guy, Andy Langer, has been going on and on for a couple years now. That's because the kid's played on the same stage as Clapton, and because, when you listen to his new EP, you hear just as much Black Keys-level charge as just-another-blues-guitarist twang. They'll be more of that, he told The Style Blog after his set at the old CBGB, on his major-label debut next spring. "I've been pissing off my neighbors laying the foundation for this thing," he said. "Time to get away with as much as I can."

    And did we mention he can dress? "I'm usually a white t-shirt and Levi's kind of guy," Clark said. "But I get festive with the tank for a night like this." Now that we can endorse.

    See Photos and Read more here.


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