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  • 10.17.11

    SPIN's Ultimate CMJ Guide More than 1,200 bands will be taking the stage in New York City next week at the annual CMJ Music Marathon. You could plot your schedule based on most hashtag-worthy band name or proximity to downtown NYC's only remaining Taco Bell, but you should probably just let SPIN steer you to the right spots. Here's our official road map to the week's best sets. — David Bevan, Peter Gaston, William Goodman, and Christopher R. Weingarten

    Gary Clark Jr.

    Hometown: Austin, Texas Why We Like Him: In this month's issue of SPIN, contributing writer Amos Barshad cuts straight to the chase. "Every few years, someone finds a way to kick the blues further into the future," he writes. "And between the instrumental chops, the mellifluous hook-ready vocals and rakish handsomeness, it's easy to understand why Gary Clark. Jr. might be the next line to do that." A native of Austin and its tooth-slicing live music scene, Clark Jr. slips between "distortion saturated stomp" and "delicate neo-soul" with an ease we haven't seen since well, ever. Here's to the future.

    Gary Clark Jr performs at the Highline Ballroom on Tuesday Oct 18- tickets available at Ticketweb.

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  • 10.06.11

    Bright Lights makes Spin Magazine October Spin Mix! Spin states: The decade's first new muh-fukkin' bluesman roughs up the 12-bar, boasting about big-city bring-downs and slinging guitar mud onto the levee.

    Also on the list, Hanni El Khatib, Mayer Hawthorne & A.A. Bondy.

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    And check out the Bright Lights video on YouTube.

  • 09.30.11

    At the 10th annual ACL Festival, the Texas chapter of the Recording Academy interviewed Gary Clark Jr, discussing his musical beginnings, biggest career moments and musical influences. Watch the video at

    The Recording Academy Texas Chapter played host for GRAMMYs On The Road At Austin City Limits Music Festival during the festival's 10th anniversary from Sept. 16–18 at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The Chapter conducted exclusive backstage interviews with artists performing at the festival, including blues rock guitarist Gary Clark Jr. and singer/songwriter and fiddler Ruby Jane.

    Clark discussed his musical beginnings, biggest career moments and musical influences.

    "I got to play with the great harmonica player James Cotton, [guitar player] Hubert Sumlin [and bassist] Calvin 'Fuzz' Jones," said Clark on his biggest career moments. "[These are] major blues guys and guys I look up to. I wouldn't be here if those guys hadn't made their mark."

    A native of Austin, Texas, Clark began playing guitar at age 12 and spent his teenage years playing gigs at venues throughout the Austin area such as Antone's nightclub, a venue that helped launch the careers of Los Lonely Boys and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others. In 2005 Clark released an independent album, Tribute, followed by a set of self-produced albums in 2008, 110 and Worry No More. Clark was selected to perform at GRAMMY winner Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010, and a subsequent live DVD recording of the performance led to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records. Clark released an EP, Bright Lights, in 2011, and is currently on tour in the United States, South America and Europe through the end of October.

    Jane discussed her experience as a young musician, musical training, social media, her songwriting process, and advice for aspiring artists.

    "I've been performing live since I was 8 years old," said Jane. "I love it because I love the adventures I get to have. I feel like I'm really living my life to the fullest."

    Hailing from Dallas, the 16-year-old Jane is the multi-instrumentalist bandleader of the Ruby Jane Show, a project incorporating elements of country, jazz, bluegrass, and blues. Jane began taking classical violin lessons at age 2, and six years later shifted her focus to bluegrass music. After only six fiddle lessons Jane won the first-place prize in a fiddle competition in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Jane subsequently landed an apprenticeship through the Mississippi Arts Commission to study under fiddle player Charles T. Smith. In 2005 she became the youngest fiddler invited to perform onstage at the Grand Ole Opry. Two years later she released her debut album Creekside, followed by an EP, 2009's Feels Like Home, and 2010's Live At Roadhouse Rags with the Ruby Jane Show. Jane has performed with artists including Asleep At The Wheel's Ray Benson, Blues Traveler, Lyle Lovett, and Willie Nelson, among others.

    Come back to tomorrow for more exclusive backstage interviews from GRAMMYs On The Road At Austin City Limits.

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  • 09.29.11

    Check out the new video created for Bright Lights – taken for the Bright Lights EP now on YouTube.


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