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  • 09.28.11

    Appearing on the list as the second best moment of ACL is Gary Clark Jr.

    No. 2, Best Reason to Care About the Blues Again: Gary Clark Jr.

    Gary Clark Jr. opened up his set with a little bit of virtuosic noodling, as if to inform the audience that, yeah, he's got chops. As soon as he'd established that, though, the Austin native rode a riff that didn't quit into "When My Train Pulls In," a stomping blues that owed at least as much to the Black Keys as it did to the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughn. As a guitarist, he's not afraid to solo, but it never feels like showing off. And Clark's songs, especially the uptempo throwback "Don't Owe You A Thing" and the heavyweight set-closer "Bright Lights," are just too damn good to ever get boring. We'd love this guy even if he didn't make his guitar sing the way that he does.

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  • 09.27.11

    Following an amazing run through the US and Canada, we are happy to announce Gary Clark Jr. will be performing in Brazil, England, and Holland in October. Please check the website and Facebook for additional shows.

    9 Oct 2011 Rio de Janeiro – HSBC Arena 10 Oct 2011 Rio de Janeiro – HSBC Arena 12 Oct 2011 Sao Paolo, Brazil 18 Oct 2011 New York City - Highline Ballroom 26 Oct 2011 London – Bush Hall 28 Oct 2011 Amsterdam – Paradiso

  • 09.22.11

    If you missed Gary Clark Jr. at the 10th annual Austin City Limits Festival, our friends at KUT have shared photos from Gary’s set.

    Photo by Sean C. Murphy - for more photos from ACL please visit

  • 09.20.11

    Thanks to for profiling Gary Clark Jr.

    No gimmicks here, just an intense raw voice singing good ole rock and roll and blues. Gary Clark Jr. is making the world take notice with his countless Live performances (including one at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival last year), and his EP 'The Bright Lights' released over the summer (stream it below). Let us know what you think! - L C-D

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