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Johnny Radelat Bio

Born to Cuban immigrants in jersey city N.J., Johnny came of age in Miami fl., and currently resides in Austin TX.. Prior to teaming up with GCJ, He honed the skills and subtleties of playing/touring with: reggae, R&B, soul, and Funk bands, while still embracing a bombastic/cavemanish approach to drumming. Questing not to play perfectly, but honestly!

"Boom For Real" (Samo)

Personal quote: " Playing doesn't make you a musician. Not being able to stop does! "

A few favorite ppl and things: Charles Bukowski, papa Jo Jones, Ocean swimming, Al Jackson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lou Reed, Lance Mountain, Motown, Jacob Miller, Buddy Miles, lowbrow chinese food, Gene Krupa, SheilaE., 70's Punk, Fela Kuti, dive bars!, Bikram Yoga, the Wailers, rescued Pit Bulls!, Zigaboo, Bohnam, Patrick Ewing, Lisa Fisher, Ska, Rocksteady, Juan and Maria Radelat...

I Play Gretsch drums, and Sabian cymbals!

- Johnny Radelat

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