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Jon Deas Bio

A generational talent, Jonathan Deas is quickly becoming a name to be known in music. As a child, Deas was introduced to music playing drums and travelling with his father’s gospel group, he then attended the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and performing arts, and it was there he discovered his love for the piano and keyboard. Moving to Austin in 2005, he quickly took the “Live Music Capital of the World” by storm, playing 7 consecutive South by Southwest festivals and also 4 times at Austin City Limits while building his own brand: Jon Keyz Music Group (JKMG). Sharing a stage and working with legendary artists such as George Clinton, Jon B, Michelle Williams, and producing for artists such as rising austin starlet Jackie Venson as well as Alesia Lani and Jake Lloyd under his KeyzStreet Music imprint, Jonathan Deas was quickly becoming a top name in the Austin Music Scene. In 2018, Grammy Award-winning artist Gary Clark Jr. tapped him to join his band, which lead to Deas performing at venues such as Madison Square Garden and appearing on iconic television shows Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. One can only assume this talented artist’s trajectory only points up and that he is only getting started on what has already been a very successful career in music.

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