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  • 10.23.18

    Hear new music during the 2018 World Series on Fox!

  • 05.22.18

    Check out Gary’s Performance on the American Idol Finale’!

  • 05.04.18


    Last fall, I covered Neil Young’s “Ohio” with Leon Bridges and Jon Batiste for Ken Burns film on The Vietnam War. Today is the anniversary of the shootings at Kent State. Look back on what happened with this clip from the film on Ken Burns UNUM HERE 


  • 04.24.18



    Tickets for all new dates go on sale this Friday, April 27 at 10:00A.M. local time.


    A special Gary Clark Jr. VIP Package will be available and includes:

    A reserved seat in rows 1-5 or GA where no seats are available

    Early Entry into venue

    GCJ Guitar accessory pack

    VIP wristband

    Crowd free merch shopping


    Previously announced shows originally planned for June 2018 have now been moved to the fall. Tickets originally purchased will be honored. Refunds will be available at point of purchase.



    Sep 13 | Port Chester, NY | Capitol Theater (originally June 7)

    Sep 14 | Port Chester, NY | Capitol Theater (originally June 8)

    Oct 30 | Layfette, LA | Acadiana Center for the Arts (originally May 31)

    Nov 01 | Memphis, TN | Minglewood Hall (originally June 1)

    Nov 02 | Chattanooga, TN | The Signal (originally June 3)

    Nov 03 | Louisville, KY | Louisville Palace (originally June 4)

    Nov 04 | Knoxville, TN | The Mill & Mine (originally Jun 11)

    Nov 10 | Phoenix, AZ | The Van Buren Ballroom (originally June 17)


    View all Gary Clark Jr. Tour dates HERE


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