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  • 09.09.11

    The Times-Picayune's music critic Keith Spera picks Gary Clark Jr., Trombone Shorty and the Carolina Chocolate Drops as the three music acts you should consider as this week's 'Three to See.'

    Watch the video at

    Gary Clark Jr performs at the Parish Room in the House of Blues on Sunday the 11th. Tickets available at

  • 09.07.11

    Win a pair of three day passes to Austin City Limits Festival, an autographed Epiphone acoustic guitar and meet and greet with Gary Clark Jr. Runners up receive a signed copy of The Bright Lights EP.

    Full contest details available here. Contest ends Sunday 11th.

    Gary Clark Jr. performs Friday at 6:30pm on the Austin City Limits BMI stage. Gary is one of only a handful of 2011 performer’s who performed at the very first ACL back in 2002!

    All tour dates can be found at

  • 08.29.11

    Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Stephen Talkhouse show.

    25, August 2011 Stephen's Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY

    We hear Jon bon Jovi, Angelica Huston, Julian Schnabel, & Roger Waters were also in the house.

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  • 08.23.11

    Scott Nelson of Audioasis reviews Gary Clark Jr’s recent performance in Toronto at the Rivoli.

    Friday, August 19th @ Rivoli.

    Gary Clark Jr. is the truth. There’s no doubting that after seeing him live last night. As beautiful and important as The Bright Lights EP is, his live show is something to be coveted. He spits guitar wielding fire at you without conscience, leaving your tongue hanging to put out the flames. He has a soul based in tradition, but he’s a musician for the future.

    Read the entire review and see photos at

    Read additional reviews and see videos of the Toronto show on the Gary Clark JrFacebook page.


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