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  • 08.15.11

    Brian Robbins reviews Bright Lights EP

    "Oh, my. Brace off and get ready, folks. What we have here may just be this decade’s blues guitar savior. No kidding.

    In just four songs (two with a full band and two with just his trusty Epiphone in hand), 26-year-old Gary Clark Jr. leaves no doubt but that he’s ready to move beyond the loving embrace of his home state of Texas and lay his bad-ass bluesy/soulful/psychedelic self on the rest of the world. If you were lucky enough to attend (or catch the DVD of) Eric Clapton’s 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival, then you’ve already had a little taste of what Gary Clark Jr. can do. AndThe Bright Lights EP offers up a little more."

    Read the entire review at The Bright Lights EP is available now in stores, on tour and online at

  • 08.10.11

    Rolling Stone Magazine rates Bright Lights EP 4 Stars!

    Rolling Stone:

    Check your local newsstand for this months’ Rolling Stone Magazine. Bright Lights EP leads the album review section. Will Hermes at Rolling Stone writes about the new EP, center

    “he's fixing to blast himself out of the barrooms and onto bigger stages.”

    Read the entire review at

    Painting by Jason Seiler

    See how the painting was made – read the Jason Seiler’s blog

    Bright Lights EP available at your local record store and on tour.

  • 08.09.11

    David Voigt of the Toronto Music Examiner reviews Brights Lights EP.

    The opening cut “Bright Lights” tears into the track with a ferocity not heard since Jack White III picked up a guitar and starting playing with his ‘sister’ Meg. With a soulful howl not only from his guitar he announces to the world that “You gonna know my name by the end of the night”, make no mistake this is an anthem announcing himself to world and they better take notice. The next track “Don’t Owe You A Thing” rips into an intense blues boogie reminiscent of the fellas from Akron, Ohio; better known as The Black Keys. This is foot stomping music, where you just can’t help but to move. He ends the EP with two live solo tracks with just him on guitar further illustrating his powerful diversity inside the blues.

    Gary Clark Jr. will be coming to the Rivoli here in Toronto on Friday Aug. 19th at 9PM, and if his live show is anything like Gary Clark Jr.: The Bright Lights EP, then the $25 cover at the door will be money well spent.

    Gary Clark Jr.: The Bright Lights EP is available to download on ITunes and should be at record stores across Toronto on Tuesday. Click here for a list of some of the better stores in our fair city, or you can visit my personal favorite right Record Review: Gary Clark Jr.: The Bright Lights EP - Toronto Music |

    Gary Clark Jr.: The Bright Lights EP available now on iTunes

  • 08.09.11

    Be sure to tune in to LATE NIGHT with JIMMY FALLON TONIGHT (Aug 9th) To watch Gary Clark Jr. sit in with The Roots on NBC at 12:35/11:35C

    Bright Lights EP now available at your local record storeand on tour


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