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  • 07.21.11

    Gary Clark Jr performed a set at the Bardot Hollywood for It’s a School Night. You my have noticed the camera were there recording the performance. If you were not there check out these two great videos of Gary performing When My Train Pulls In and Things are Changing. Joining Gary on stage that night is J.J. Johnson (Drums) and Don Boyette (Bass)

  • 07.19.11

    You may have noticed recently Gary Clark Jr.’s Bright Lights in a TV ad.

    Here’s a link to the watch the advertisement

    For more information about the TV campaign created by Arnold Worldwide you can read this article from the Boston Globe

  • 07.19.11

    For those of you who couldn’t make it to Antone’s to see Gary perform, Abigail Covington recaps the show for you. If you were at the show, please post your videos and photos on Gary’s Facebook page.

    Recap Gary Clark Jr. at Antone’s

    As the lights dimmed across the venue, an Antone’s staffer made his way onto the stage, took a moment to gurgle and wash down his whiskey, and then hollered in his Texas drawl, “Are y’all ready to raise the roof?” A chorus of hoots and howls responded, and suddenly the emcee was battling with the crowd for the right to introduce Austin’s local hero and Antone’s current pride and joy, Gary Clark Jr.

    “Now we here at Antone’s know him as ‘Little Gary,’ but apparently he ain’t little no’ mo,’ and he’s goin’ by his full name, so come on out here Gary Clark Jr.!” With that humble summoning, the headliner nonchalantly took to the stage looking more like an ego-less, virgin performer and less like someone Rolling Stone would declare rock’s “Best Young Gun.” Such tamed and gentle swagger from a major label signee is a rarity—coupled with a live performance, it allows for approachability between the artist and the attendees and produces a collectivist atmosphere.

    Read the rest of the recap at the Austin AV Club

  • 07.18.11

    Honest Tune caught Gary on the Bonnaroo Buzz tour in Louisville and was so taken they asked to record Gary when he was in Chicago for the DMB Caravan. Watch this great acoustic performance of Gary performing “Bright Lights” solo.

    For more information about Honest Tune and to read the rest of the article please visit Honest Tune’s website


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